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Are You the Next Challenger?

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Gfinity Challenger Series
Gfinity Elite Draft
Gfinity Elite Series

How It Works

Do you have the skills to make it to the Elite Series and become an esport pro?

Gfinity Challenger Series

Get yourself seen

The Gfinity Australia Challenger Series is an open competition where players of any level can enter and compete. Build your player profile, climb the rankings and, if you’re skilled enough, join the pro players in the Gfinity Australia Elite Series.

Gfinity Challenger Series

Prove your skills

To join the pros, the top-ranked competitors from the Challenger Series will be placed in the Gfinity Australia Elite Draft. Here, professional teams will draft the best players to join their Elite Series rosters who will compete live on stage at the Gfinity Australia Arena.

Gfinity Challenger Series

Become a champion

The Gfinity Australia Elite Series brings together Australia’s best players as 6 iconic, city-based teams battle it out over 7-weeks of live competition at the Gfinity Australia Arena. Competing across multiple game titles, these teams will compete to determine which team, and which city, will be Gfinity Australia’s ultimate Champions.

The Games

Compete in CS:GO, Rocket League and Street Fighter V tournaments to earn G-Points and climb the leaderboards.

Whether it's Overpass, Mirage or Dust II, you know all the maps like the back of your hand. But could you make it into a Pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team? Sign up to play CS:GO on the Gfinity Challenger Series to find out.

You've mastered the Hadoken, nailed the Spinning Bird Kick, and now you have the chance to be drafted by a Pro Street Fighter V team. Sign up now to play Street Fighter V on the Gfinity Challenger Series.

You might be the passing genius, the king of offense or an impassable wall on defence, but can you hold your own against some of the best in the world? Sign up to play Rocket League on the Gfinity Challenger Series to prove you’re worthy.